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Christmas Taken Care Of! or £3000 + 65 Instant Wins Worth £14,500!

30th November @ 8.00PM
Only 290 Tickets Available
275 Tickets Per User

£3.99Per Entry

This competition has now closed. Good luck to all those who entered!

This Wednesday your Christmas could be completely taken care of with total of £3000 to spend across the most popular Christmas shopping outlets! (£3000 cash alternative available). Until then, there are 65 Instant Wins available worth a total of £14,500, this means you can win a big cash prize the moment you buy your ticket!

Remember: Whether you get an instant win or not, your ticket will still be in the draw for the £3000  prize this Wednesday at 9pm!

Instant Wins will be paid out as soon as you provide us with the relevant details allowing us to make payment. No need to wait for the draw!

You will be automatically notified by email if you have an instant win. This saves you the time of checking your ticket numbers! If however you’d like to see the Instant Wins and corresponding ticket numbers, you can check them all out in the table above!! Good luck

Note: All instant wins are updated automatically in real time the very second they are won.

This competition is open to UK residents aged 18 or over. You can enter this competition up to 275 times. This competition will close at 8:00 pm on November 30, 2022. The live draw for this competition will be at 9:00 pm on November 30, 2022. You can watch the draw LIVE on our Facebook page. We will also be posting updates on this competition and future competitions on the page so make sure you are following and our posts are set to show at the top of your newsfeed! To enter for free, please see our Terms and Conditions. If entering our competitions either by post or online please ensure you have read and agree to our terms and conditions, if your entries do not comply with the terms they will not be included in the draw. Please note you must sign up for an account before making your entry! Entries without an account cannot be processed. You must add your billing address to your account in order for your entries to be process. This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook, Apple or Google. By entering the competitions, Entrants agree that neither Facebook, Apple nor Google have any liability and are not responsible for the administration or promotion of this competition.

How many times can I enter this competition?

You can enter this competition up to 275 times.

How do I get my number?

Once your order has been placed your ticket number(s) will be randomly allocated and will show on your order confirmation. They will also be emailed to you, and will be available in the My Account area.

How is the winner chosen?

The draw is done live on Facebook using a random number generator to determine the winning ticket number. You’ll be contacted directly if you have won.

Can the draw date change?

If all the entries are sold sooner the draw will be brought forward. Keep updated on the confirmed draw date via our Facebook page and website.

Instant Wins
Ticket No.PrizeWinner
3634£200 Cash
4099£100 Cash
5401£200 Cash
7£200 Cash Eleanor H.
100£300 Cash Christopher C.
193£500 Cash Gilliam P.
286£200 Cash Richard S.
379£200 Cash Justin H.
472£300 Cash Kirsten H.
565£100 Cash Lisa K.
658£100 Cash Nigel B.
751£200 Cash Chris G.
844£400 Cash Katie U.
937£100 Cash Lydia R.
1030£200 Cash Adrian D.
1123£200 Cash Wayne C.
1216£400 Cash Matthew F.
1309£200 Cash Dagmara K.
1402£200 Cash Adrian D.
1495£200 Cash Paul F.
1588£100 Cash Christopher C.
1681£200 Cash Robert Y.
1774£200 Cash Chris G.
1867£500 Cash Laura K.
1960£200 Cash Chris G.
2053£300 Cash Gemma S.
2146£200 Cash John D.
2239£300 Cash Victoria S.
2332£100 Cash Ryan H.
2425£100 Cash Vicki G.
2518£400 Cash John D.
2611£200 Cash Paul G.
2704£200 Cash Mark D.
2797£200 Cash Justin H.
2890£200 Cash Victoria S.
2983£100 Cash Christopher C.
3076£500 Cash Matthew F.
3169£100 Cash Mark D.
3262£100 Cash Adrian D.
3355£300 Cash S W.
3448£100 Cash Gilliam P.
3541£200 Cash Ryan H.
3727£400 Cash Kirsten H.
3820£200 Cash McCarlie A.
3913£200 Cash Joshua S.
4006£200 Cash Kirsten H.
4192£100 Cash Justin H.
4285£200 Cash Kasia K.
4378£100 Cash Richard S.
4471£300 Cash Jolene A.
4564£200 Cash Nigel B.
4657£200 Cash Simon C.
4750£200 Cash April H.
4843£100 Cash Ryan H.
4936£200 Cash Nigel B.
5029£100 Cash Victoria S.
5122£200 Cash Matthew F.
5215£200 Cash Justin H.
5308£300 Cash Adrian D.
5494£500 Cash Chris G.
5587£200 Cash Christopher C.
5680£200 Cash Steve S.
5773£200 Cash Richard S.
5866£300 Cash Victoria S.
5959£400 Cash Gemma S.
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