The competition draw date is displayed on the entry page for each competition. This date will never be extended or put back. If however the competition is sold out well before the draw date, we may on occasion bring the draw forward so that you can find out if you’re the lucky winner as soon as possible.

If you receive a notification advising you that your order has been cancelled or if it is showing as ‘cancelled’ on the website, it is either because…

  1. You did not complete the payment process.
  2. Your payment failed.
  3. Orders are automatically cancelled after a period of 10 minutes if a successful payment is not received.

We carry out the draw live on our Facebook page for complete transparency. You can watch us enter the highest and lowest available ticket numbers (for example 1 – 1000) into the Google random number generator. We then click ‘Generate’. The random number is then matched with a ticket number from the list of all competition entrants and the winner is announced. All live draws are posted to our Facebook page so that you can watch them at anytime, if you’re unable to watch live.

There are 3 ways to view your ticket number(s).

  1. Your ticket numbers will be displayed on your confirmation page.
  2. Your ticket numbers will be listed in your order confirmation email.
  3. You can find your ticket numbers on the website by logging in and clicking ‘My Account’ > ‘My Orders’.

All that it means when a competition does not sell out is that you have a better chance of winning due to their being less entrants! We will not extend the draw date and we will still award the prize as advertised via the Facebook live draw on the specified date. We will always do this, regardless of how many tickets are left unsold.

This makes no difference to your chances of winning and is quite common. Ticket numbers are randomly allocated from the ‘total number of tickets available’. In the event that the Google Random Number Generator produces a number which does not correspond with a ticket number purchased by an entrant, we will simply generate another random number until we find a winner.

No. We have been a fully registered limited company since December 2020 and we conduct prize draws which are fully compliant with the Gambling Act of 2005. We are accumulating 5 star reviews on Trustpilot, Google and Facebook weekly which come from happy winners as well as those who enjoy taking part in our competitions on a regular basis. We carry out all of our prize draws live on facebook, following a completely transparent process that everyone can watch and and enjoy.

We will deliver your prize to your home free of charge.